Please be sure to follow the rules when disposing of garbage


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For not being scattered by crows and stray cats!

When disposing of the garbage, please make sure to use the city-designated garbage bag and put out items on the proper designated date by 8:30 a.m. on the collection day. If it put out on the previous night of the collection day or on the wrong designated date, the garbage is scattered by crows and cats and remains uncollected. This will cause trouble people on cleaning duty or others using the collection site. Please be sure to follow the essential rules when disposing of garbage.


 Scattered collection site (1)


 Scattered collection site (2)

Essential rules for disposing of garbage

“Gomi Shūsekijo” (garbage collection site) are maintained by residents’ / neighborhood association, residents of the local area or the proprietary companies.
Please follow the rules when putting out.

  1. Use city-designated garbage bags (garbage in plastic bag is not collected.)
  2. Put out on the designated collection date of the right category (items on the wrong date are not collected.)
  3. Do not put out on the previous night of the collection date (nocturnal animals, such as cats may break the bags and scatter the garbage during the nighttime.)
  4. Put out no later than 8:30 a.m. on the collection day (garbage which is taken out after the time is not collected due to its “belated” disposal.)
  5. Never put out other than the designated garbage collection site.

Garbage Disposal Guide & Garbage Collection Calendar(FY 2021)

Regarding Collection for Tuesdays and Thursdays

We collect garbage of two different categories separately every Tuesday and Thursday. For example, while the 1st Tuesdays are the collection date for the “Other Paper Containers/Wrappings” and “Cans”, “Cans” shall be collected after “Other Paper Containers/Wrappings” have been collected. (Caution:its order depends on the area)
If not put out by 8:30 a.m. and the bags of “Cans” are remained at the site, one may mistake that the refuse collector has not yet arrived, although the “Other Paper Containers/Wrappings” are already collected. For this reason, there are some cases that “Other Paper Containers/Wrappings” are put out after being collected.
Garbage which are put out after the designated time are determined as “belated” disposal and will be left uncollected with a warning sticker (“belated” or “against the rule” sticker) attached to them.
(Caution)please make sure to bring back home if the garbage is left with the “belated” or “against the rule” sticker is attached.

“A scene of garbage collection day. Let’s follow basic rules for disposal of garbage!” (Japanese)

Habits of crows and cats and its countermeasures



Crows seek for food not just with their sense of smell but also using their eyesight which is said several times stronger than of its humans. For this characteristic, crows are opportunistic and will readily go elsewhere to seek food if they cannot see it from the distant place (power cable or rooftop of the buildings.) On the other hand, cats that rely on their keen nose, seek for food from the near garbage collection site.


To keep crows and stray cats out from scatterings of garbage, we can manage their strong sense of smell and sight by reducing the kitchen refuse and disposing of garbage properly.

  1. Use garbage disposal unit or composting food waste to reduce kitchen refuse
  2. Drain well and put or wrap them in a small bag or newspaper to make it invisible.
  3. Use anti-crow netting (more effective when it is secured with weight on the edge of the net to discourage animals from getting into it)

(Caution)Sakura City does not lend anti-crow netting. Please prepare by the residents’ / neighborhood association, residents of the local area or the proprietary companies which maintain its garbage collection site.

Outlines for subsidy for purchasing garbage disposal units (Japanese)